URAP Announces its 2020-21 Ranking: Hacettepe is in The Top 500
30.04.2021 / Rankings

Hacettepe University ranked 500th in the 2020-21 World Universities List of METU University Ranking by Academic Performance Laboratory (URAP), where world universities are ranked according to their academic performances. Since the first year this index started to be prepared, Hacettepe is the first and only university in our country to be included in the category A. Hacettepe University was ranked in the 527-546 band in the previous 5 years and ranked in the category B ++.

Based on objective data from reliable and open sources, the URAP World Ranking is based on six academic performance indicators. Since URAP is a ranking based on academic performance, publications form the basis of the ranking methodology. The quality and quantity of publications and international research collaboration performance are used as indicators.