TUBITAK 1001 Support to 12 Hacettepe Projects
09.07.2021 / Projects

Within the scope of TÜBİTAK "1001-Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program", the scientific evaluation process of the projects proposed to the Research Support Programs Presidency (ARDEB) in the 1st term of 2021 has been completed.

Out of 2,497 project proposals submitted within the scope of the 1001 program in the 1st period of 2021, 2,233 were taken into scientific evaluation, and as a result of the evaluation, it was decided to support 247 project proposals, and 225 project proposals could apply until 30 July 2021 without waiting for the next period. It has been announced that the 1st term criteria of 2021 will be used in the evaluation of the projects that can apply without waiting for the next period, and these projects will be supported within the revised project process budget.

12 projects from our university are among the 247 projects decided to be supported.

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