THE Announced Third Group Subject Rankings for 2022
14.10.2021 / Rankings

THE World University Rankings by Subject ranks world universities under 11 main subject areas and 27 sub-topics. The number of countries and universities evaluated increases each year according to each field title. It was previously stated that the results of THE by Subject 2022 will be announced within a certain calendar during September, October and November this year, unlike previous years. The number of universities included in the main topics in the third group announced for THE by Subject 2022 are as follows:

• Social Sciences: 870
• Business and Economics: 795
• Education: 597
• Law: 257

Subject rankings in THE World University Rankings by Subject are based on a range of 13 performance indicators used in THE World University Rankings 2022; however, the methodology is recalibrated to suit the individual domains for each subject.

For Education, one of the main topics of Hacettepe University, it increased from the range of 251-300 in 2020 to the range of 151-175 in 2021, and decreased to the range of 201-250 in 2022 in the same category. It maintained its 3rd place among Turkish universities. However, what is remarkable in this topic is that 597 universities were included in 2022, while 537 universities from around the world were in the ranking last year, and our university has an important place in the world ranking.

Our university maintained its place in 2021 under the title of Social Sciences (601+) in the 2022 rankings. Our university, which was included in the title of Business & Economics for the first time in 2021, maintained its place in the world rankings with 601+ in 2022. Hacettepe University could not enter the list in the title of Law. There is no other university in Turkey listed under this title.