Six Medals for Our Faculty Members at the "International Invention Fair"
27.09.2021 / Awards

Our patents were crowned with 6 medals in the "International Invention Competition" within the scope of ISIF'21, held at Atatürk Airport between September 21-26. Our awarded patents and inventors:

  • “Pharmacological Compositions Containing Celecoxib Prepared by Dry Grinding Method and Increased Dissolution Rate” Inventors: Prof.Dr. Levent Öner- Prof. Dr. Hakan Eroğlu- Pharm. Aslıhan Arslan- Gold Medal.
  • “Cement Bonded Composite Coating Material and Production Method” Inventors: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Şahmaran- Assoc. Dr. Gürkan Yıldırım- Res. See. Damla Nur Çelik – Silver Medal.
  • “The Method of Obtaining a Bee Bread or Kefir and the Bee Bread Obtained by Using the Method or Kefir with Fermented Pollen” Inventor: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Aslı Özkırım – Silver Medal.
  • “A Data Transfer System Used in Cochlear Implant Devices” Inventors: Prof. Dr. Levent Sennaroğlu, Dr. Onur Ergün, Assoc. Dr. Dincer Gokcen, Assoc. Dr. Harun Artuner, Res. See. İbrahim Bozyel, Prof. Dr. Adil Denizli, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Onur, Prof. Dr. Gonca Sennaroglu, Prof. Dr. Cenk Toker, Assoc. Dr. Munir Demir Bajin, Assoc. Dr. Bilsay Sumer, Assoc. Dr. Merve Batuk, Assoc. Dr. Nilay Bereli- Bronze Medal.
  • “A Cell That Provides Electricity Generation from Atmospheric Humidity and A Method Used in Obtaining Cells” Inventors: Soheil Malekghasemi – Prof. Dr. Serdar Abacı – Bronze Medal
  • “A Combined Microfluidic Based Platform with Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters for the Detection of Cyanide in Blood” Inventors: Dr. Uğur Aydın- Assoc. Dr.Memed Duman – Bronze Medal.