New Report from FBE Data Analysis Unit Covering 52 Years of Data
05.05.2021 / Publications

The "FBE Data Analysis Unit" established in November 2020 within the body of Hacettepe University Institute of Science and Engineering prepared the report "Hacettepe University Science and Engineering Graduate Education Performance (1968-2020)" at the end of approximately 6 months of work. The report includes the distribution of the graduate theses completed between 1968-2020 by the departments under the institute, their meta-analysis, thesis production rates (TUH), density indexes (YI) and productivity analyzes (p2) of master's / doctoral theses. This study, on the one hand, provides a significant level of data collection, on the other hand, the analysis of the data reveals the relationship between the graduate school and science from the past to the present. The report is also important in terms of showing where our university stands in its forward-looking plans in the field of Science and Engineering, its strengths, weaknesses, and where it has reached its starting goals. It is also the starting point for meta-analysis studies necessary to make future projections.

You may download the report via clicking the link below:
FBE Report 2021