International InterPARES Trust AI Project Archives 4.0: Configuring Artificial Intelligence and Secure Data Archives
06.07.2021 / Projects

InterPARES Trust AI (2021-2026), the fifth phase of the InterPARES project, aims to explore data management and artificial intelligence technologies in corporate information systems and archives. The project especially focuses on artificial intelligence applications in public archives. In this context, multinational, interdisciplinary research will be conducted and educational content will be developed, aiming at the design, development and effective use of systems and artificial intelligence applications necessary to support the sustainability, reliability, usability and accessibility of archives on digital platforms.

The main aim of the project is to leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to support the continued availability and accessibility of trusted public documents.

The project aims to produce original research and establish sustainable research partners to train students and other highly qualified staff. It also aims to provide interaction between public institutions, academia, archival institutions, document experts and industry, and to develop collaborations to strengthen the knowledge and skills of each of the relevant parties.

Within the scope of the project, the slogan “I Trust in Artificial Intelligence” has four main objectives:

1. Identifying artificial intelligence technologies that can take on critical documents and challenging archive roles.

2. Determining the possibilities and risks that can be provided by the use of artificial intelligence technologies in official documents and archives.

3. Ensuring the effective use of archive concepts and principles in the development of related artificial intelligence applications.

4. Testing and disseminating the applications developed in article 3 through field studies and sample applications.

Research in the above headings will also be used to assess the costs and risks of such solutions. It will also be possible to evaluate the effects of artificial intelligence solutions in practice, especially in critical archive and document systems. Solutions for maintaining the evidence quality, reliability and usability of data archives and digital documents within the framework of new technological applications, blockchain structure and artificial intelligence, new ecosystems that can be created regarding personal and sensitive data and data privacy, business intelligence on how the recorded data can be used effectively in corporate decisions, etc. The principles and models regarding applications and the structural features of institutional data archives are among the topics to be discussed within the scope of the project.

Partners involved in this project include universities, national and international organizations, government agencies and industry authorities in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. This international scope is important in terms of developing universal systems that can be used for institutions working in independent fields that produce digital archive data and digital documents at different points.

The project includes more than 60 universities, research centers, national institutions and organizations from all continents, from the USA to China, from Indonesia to Iran, from many EU countries to Africa ( aboutus/partners).

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