Hacettepe University Ranks 1st in "Clinical & Health" Heading
22.09.2021 / Rankings

In THE World University Rankings by Subject, universities are listed under 11 main subject areas and 27 sub-topics. The number of countries and universities evaluated increases every year according to each field title. It was stated that the results of THE by Subject 2022 this year will be announced in a certain calendar during September, October and November, unlike previous years. The number of universities included in the main topics in the group, which was first announced in THE by Subject in 2022, is as follows:

•    Psychology: 568
•    Clinical & Health: 925
•    Life Sciences: 972
•    Physical Sciences: 1227

Subject rankings in THE World University Rankings by Subject are based on a range of 13 performance indicators used in THE World University Rankings 2022; however, the methodology is recalibrated to suit the individual domains for each subject.

Hacettepe University, which rose to the range of 251-300 in 2020 under the title of Clinical & Health, ranked 1st among Turkish universities, decreased to the range of 301-400 in 2021, sharing the 1st place with Istanbul University among Turkish universities. It was placed in the 1st place among them.

Hacettepe University maintained its position in the range of 601-800 in the field of Life Sciences and 801-1000 in the field of Physical Sciences.