Hacettepe University Ranks 165th in The World Ranking and 1st in the Country Ranking in the "Clinical Medicine" Title
01.11.2021 / Rankings

U.S. News Best Global Universities Ranking focuses specifically on the academic research and recognition of institutions. Within the scope of the ranking, all universities are evaluated globally according to countries and regions. While 1500 universities from 86 countries were evaluated last year, 1750 universities from 90 countries were included in the ranking this year. The first step in creating the rankings is the use of the "Clarivate Analytics InCites" research analysis, which includes the university pool used in the top 1750 rankings from 90 countries, increasing from 1748 to 1849 this year.

U.S. News Best Global Universities evaluates higher education institutions on 13 criteria:

- Global Research Recognition 12.5%,
- Regional Research Recognition 12.5%,
- Publications 10%,
- Books 2.5%,
- Conferences 2.5%,
- Standardized Citation Impact 10%,
- Total Citation 7.5%,
- 12.5% ​​of the total number of publications in the most cited 10%,
- 10% of the total publications included in the most cited 10%,
- International Cooperation 5%,
- 5% of the total publication rate realized with international cooperation,
- The number of publications with the highest rate of 1% in their field and 5%,
- The ratio of the most cited publications with the highest rate of 1% to the total publications is 5%.

If we look at the U.S. News Best Global Universities on national base, 17 Turkish universities were in the top 1000 in 2022.

As in the previous year, our university maintained its 4th place among universities in Turkey after Boğaziçi, METU and Istanbul Bilgi University. In addition, the global score of Hacettepe University, which was 49.9 in 2021, increased to 51.7 in 2022; It was observed that while it was 511th in the world ranking last year, it ranked 510th this year and continues its trend of progress. Despite the significant increase in the number of universities included in the evaluation, it is remarkable that our University has recorded an increase.

When evaluated in terms of science field rankings, Hacettepe University was ranked under the titles of chemistry, clinical medicine, engineering, materials science, neuroscience and behavior, oncology and physics this year. Hacettepe University, which continues to rise in the world rankings especially under the title of clinical medicine and has achieved great success and placed in the 165th rank (it was in the 174th rank in 2021), maintains its place in the 1st place among Turkish universities in this field for the last five years. While there were 11 Turkish universities in this title last year, this number increased to 18 in 2022 and the competition between Turkish universities has also increased. Our university continued to rise in the neuroscience and behavior titles it is included in in 2020 (it was 311th in 2021), ranking 1st in Turkey and 285th in the world. It was evaluated in the field of oncology, which was not included in the ranking before, for the first time in 2022, and ranked 318th among Turkish universities. There were also increases in chemistry and physics titles. Hacettepe University, which was ranked in the field of materials science for the first time this year, was not included in the list of pharmacology and toxicology this year, for which it was listed in 2020 and 2021. Looking at the engineering title, there is a decline.