Hacettepe promotion days are starting!
25.07.2022 / Other

With the slogan "Professionals grow in Hacettepe", Hacettepe University will be introduced to university candidate students during the promotional days to be held at Beytepe Campus Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center on July 29-30-31. In the event, where each faculty and department will be introduced separately, with promotional tours specially organized for the candidate student; From its faculty to its library, from its laboratory to its museum, all the facilities of Hacettepe will be toured.


During the event, stands were opened to prospective students; Information will be given about education, dormitory, scholarship and job opportunities, European Union projects, exchange programs and abroad education opportunities.

The deans of the university, school principals and faculty members will make presentations to introduce their academic units. Prospective students will have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the university rector as well as faculty members.

Introductory days, in which special areas such as laboratories where experiments that left their mark in the world are carried out, Turkey's first application and research centers and museums will be toured, will be held in a festive atmosphere with stands opened by many Hacettepe student groups.


Ring services will also be organized to provide ease of transportation for prospective students and their families who want to visit Hacettepe University. In addition to the free shuttles that will serve for three days between the Sıhhiye and Beytepe campuses, there will also be shuttles from the Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center to the Beytepe Campus. In addition, there will be ring services between Beytepe metro stop and the cultural center.

Hacettepe University Promotion Days will end with a closing cocktail in the garden of Beytepe Campus Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center.