Barrier-Free Access and Communication Guide from Our Faculty Members
17.01.2022 / Publications

Translation for accessibility and communication is increasingly becoming an important issue throughout the world. Institutions, organizations, experts and researchers working in this field in Turkey have been carrying out successful activities for a long time. These activities have increased in number and volume along with the technological advancements and diversifying needs, which has led to the need to coordinate the efforts on accessibility and communication, and thus to take firm steps towards the future.

This guide, titled "Accessibility and Communication", was born out of this need. Being the most comprehensive study done in this field in our country, the guide aims to shed light on the activities of institutions and individuals working in the field of accessibility, to create a common ground for research and practice on accessibility and communication, and to make these studies accessible to the wider public, especially disabled individuals and experts.

Please click to access the electronic version of the guideline.